Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Valenpaw Activities, Crafts & Patterns For Pup

We love to buy new things for our girls, but we understand that sometimes it is more fun to make something instead. Here are a few websites that show you how, give you patterns and ideas. 

How To Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Dog - by: eHow


Crafts For You & Puppy

Recipes For Fur-Baby

Crochet Patterns For Dog Clothing

Dress & Clothing Patterns For Pups

If you have a great pattern or template to share, but a link in the comment box below. 
Enjoy! The Girls

Valen~paw's Day Treats!

Yum, yum, yum ... treats are a great way to show your little fur-baby just how much you love them. Here are the places we love to give and get ... 

Pawsitively Gourmet 
With this company you get wholesome yummy goodness with anything you buy. They have boxes that look like chocolate or truffles, candy apple cookies and fun sprinkled donuts. Prices vary from $10-$30. Visit www.pawsitivelygourmet.com 

This is a wonderful company that puts everything in beautifully designed gift boxes, which are fun to give and get. You can choose from cupcakes, mini-cakes or jars filled with self-bake ingredients. Prices vary between $15-$45. Visit www.petitfourlegs.com 

Enjoy! If you've found a favorite, leave a link or comment in the box below. 
The Girls 

Valen~paw's Day Toys

Once upon a time, a day was created to celebrate and spoil a special someone in your life. As if we really needed an additional excuse to pamper our little furry BFF's to day is coming to show them just how much we love them. To assist you in your shopping, The Girls and I have put together our favorite's for the season.

First, in them theme of candy hearts, our friends at Funny Fur have put together a cute plush/squeak set of candy toy hearts. We also love their cute pink kissable lips. For more toys visit them at www.funnyfur.com.

Next, we have our tried and true favorites from Paw Palace where you can pick up a small or large plush/squeak bottle of Dogperignon, which is sure to quench the thirst of any pampered pup. They too have an adorable pair of red lips in two sizes to that you can leave behind your loving kiss whenever you have to go out. Check out their assortment at www.pawpalaceonline.com.

Another company we like to promote due to their crazy variety and great prices is Pet Edge. They have some super fun Valenpaw specials this year, but our favorites were their adorable heart shaped pup-cake and love related tennis balls and of course their flirty party collars. All of which are under $8 each. They look as fun as they sound. Visit www.petedge.com for their complete toy list. 

 The big chains have done a decent job this year and such have made it onto our favorite list. Petco has a cute cherub outfit with heart headband and angle wings. They also have a fun set of  3 individual loving lips or a candy heart tug-toy. For more visit www.petco.com. 

Petsmart also have a few cute little sweets to hand to your fur-baby. We loved their candy heart set and little cute cupcake. Available at www.petsmart.com 

 Another favorite is the talking rose from Charming Pet Products. They actually say "I love you" to your furry baby. You can find it in ruby red or blushing pink from www.amazon.com for only $5. 

If you've found something super fun share it with us in the comment box below. 
Have fun shopping! 
The Girls