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Getting Our Gear

Hey fur-babies!!! We just joined teams with Cafe Press to bring you our daycare gear. Pup t-shirts, human t-shirts, carry bags, mugs and more! If you have a moment, check it out. 

Woof, Woof, 
The Girls

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

We Just Joined DAILYBOOTH (Life in Pic's)

Happy Thanksgiving!
The Girls and I just joined DAILYBOOTH, your life in pictures. It's really neat. Check it out!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


CityDog Extreme Muttmixer

Paw Socks for the Winter

Furry Foot Care ...
Invest in 2 pairs of doggy socks!
Cain & Able Paw Balm - Helps heal chapped & raw paws.
Keep nails groomed and short. Pups have a higher chance of catching them in the fall and winter due to rain, snow and ice.

As the season transitions, so do the concerns for those of us with little fur-babies. Just about every pup-arent has experienced the heartache of cold, icy paws that our pups endure after a walk or a jaunt in the back yard. For those who will wear them, shoes offer sweet relief, however for those who have wee-one’s that shake off the shoes, socks are a new alternative for chilly paws.

Puppy socks! Yes, they are small enough to stay on and made of warm, soft fabric. The Soxy Paws designs offers little rubber paw prints to provide a better grip on slick floors. Each company has a variety of styles and colors for both boys and girls.

In the past, I used to bring my girls in after being outside and hold their paws, alternating pups and paws until they all felt warm again. Now, all my girls have little socks that go on once we get back inside after a walk. My girls love these soft little socks! Mercedes has the rubber bottomed Soxy Paws for her indoor running around and little Bridget enjoys the super soft Puppy Love socks and neither of them kicks them off!

If your pup is not accustomed to footwear, try putting them on for only a minute with a treat as a reward. Give your pup a lot of praise and then take them off before they fuss. Try the same process several time in one day or each day for three days. After a few attempts, your fur-baby will be excited and happy to wear socks; especially once they realize how warm their toes become. Check out our links to see where you get buy puppy socks. *

* SoxyPaws available at:

* Puppy Love available at:

* Also available at:

What Every Pup Needs To Know About A Safe & Fun Doggie Resort/Retreat!

Hi fellow fur-babies,
Since Summer is upon us, we thought we would share our wealth of information about how to pick a quality daycare/overnight care facility to stay at when your humans go out of town. Below is an article our mommy wrote to keep you happy, healthy and having fun this summer.
Enjoy, Woof, Woof,
The Girls ~ Mercedes, Haley & Bridget

Hey Fur-babies,
Those who frequently take trips realize just how hard it is to leave behind your little furry wonder. They are usually the life-blood that inspires, motivates and comfort us whenever we are in need and as such we want to make sure their every need is cared for when we are away. If you are going out of town for a holiday, a work trip or just a fun getaway here are some tips on locating a fun and safe place for your fur-baby to rest while you are away.
As a little dog kennel-free/crate-free retreat and as the parent of 3 little furry, fuzzy fur-babies we know what to look in a great care facility. Here are some suggestions, from our home to yours and things to consider based on our experience.
First rule of thumb, before booking any kind of daycare or overnight care at a facility is to ask for a consultation and tour. The facilitators should be accepting and interested in showing you around and asking questions about your pups behavior, dietary needs, any medical conditions and general personality and quirks. If a facility refuses to show you the space your pup will be staying during the day and/or night then move on to a different facility. Everyone should be able to view the dog area. Different locations have different rules, some may let you enter other may let you see the space from a distance; however every reputable facility will let you see what is going on behind the gate or door.
Often times pup-parents realize their dogs own habits, such as eating plants or jumping fences. While these are specific quirks that should be discussed with the facility, you will also need to inquire about actual surrounds. The surrounds will tell you so much about the care and concern the owners have for both their business and the pups staying with them. Take a look around to see if everything is both clean and secure. Ask the facilitator:
How is the indoor and outdoor dog areas set up?
How many dogs do you take at one time?
How are the dogs separated if they do not get along?
How many people are with the dogs during the day?
Where do they eliminate (go potty)?
How much space do they have to move around?
Professional Care:
The rules of the trade vary per jurisdiction and many states or cities do not have regulations in place for daycare or overnight care so be sure to ask your facility exactly how their staff is trained to handle emergency circumstances.
How many pups are together at any given time?
What CPR or First Aid Training does the staff have?
Do they have an emergency kit?
Have they ever had an emergency where a pup had to be taken to a vet or
Ask yourself:
Does the place look clean?
How does it smell?
Is it torn-up or falling apart?
What types of cleaning products do they use?
Do they use pesticides or fertilizers for any outdoor planted areas?
Do they scoop the poop or leave it to decompose?
As an extra perk, many daycare and overnight care facilities have a groomer or doggie day s-paw on-site. Inquire about add-on charges if pups get dirty. Another popular addition are canine massages or swimming lessons. Also ask about treats that can be added to your dog’s stay package.
Most places will request that you bring food, some allow treats, be sure to check how they monitor feeding and what they require if your pup needs any special dietary needs or medication; which are often add-on’s to your cost.
Is my pup supervised during feeding?
Will my pup be fed next to other dogs?
Will my pup have access to water?
How often is the water bowl cleaned or refilled?
Many places have beds, sofas, cushion, etc. that your pup can use while they are there to sleep. However, be sure to take note as to the condition and comfort of the facilities bedding. Some may not allow you to bring your own pups bedding due to the fact that they usually become pee magnets or pups can become possessive over their own bed; this is common. Just be sure to ask:
Do all the dogs have an individual bed available if they want to sleep
Are the beds torn up or ripped?
Are the beds smelly or dirty?
How often are beds cleaned?
Above all, be an informed pup-arent. Ask friends or neighbors if they have heard of or used a great facility. Try searching on-line on Yelp or Angie's List to read what others have said about the facility you are looking into.
Ask for a referral list of prior clients.
Check out on-line sources for testimonials.
-Yelp | Anglie’s List | Bing | Yahoo | Biznik etc.
After you have done your research and feel good about the location you have selected do not hesitate to reserve your vacation dates with a deposit. The really great places book up fast; often times people wait too long and the facility books up. Always ask for a receipt if you are making a cash payment.
Just a reminder, you get what you pay for. If you can’t afford to pay the fees for a specialty location try to get a trusted family member to take care of your pup. However, the bottom line may not be your budget, it just may be the assurance that you can really relax on vacation knowing your fur-baby is safe and happy.

Have a great summer!
Sasha, Fur-baby Mommy

(C) SI, Inc. Researched & Written by: S.R.
I don't know how I could possibly select just one song to play each time I walk into a room. I would much prefer an ipod so that I can select a new song for each mood I am feeling depending upon the day. However, I suppose I would be happy with "Uptown Girl" by: Billy Joel. Why? Do you seriously need to ask, isn't it obvious. ~M.

Ooh, I would really love it if I had my own theme song.
That way I could make an entrance and everyone would
know that I was coming! Neat! Can I have "Barbie Girl"
by: Aqua. That song is so much fun and I love toys! ~Little Bean

If I were to pick a theme song that would play each and
every time I entered a room, I would have to select
"Jai Ho!" ~ (You Are My Destiny) by: A.R. Rahman and
The Pussycat Dolls. The song has an exotic yet uplifting
punch that I can relate to. Being a Chihuahua, my culture
affects my fundamental philosophies, however I also
consider myself a very modern girl and this group is a
perfect embodiment of the two blending cultures. ~B.

VPI Thats A Good Human - Pet Personality Quiz

We took the VPI Pet Personality Quiz and these were our results ...



These are the alpha dogs. The ones that command attention and that others happily follow. They have a style all their own and are likely popular with canines of the opposite sex. They're great travel companions, even if they trash the place before they check out. Let's face it, it's their world, everyone else is just living in it. To be a good human to these pets: Get them together with other dogs often, they like an entourage. It's true, they may exert their dominance, but every rocker has to keep their bad boy/girl image intact.



These are the envy of the canine world. They are born with the kind of energy and genes that make the rest of the dogs jealous. They can do anything—catch Frisbees, chase down tennis balls, jump fences and run so fast that squirrels no longer dare to leave the trees. They see the entire world as one big game and they don't want to miss one second of it. To be a good human to these pets: Give them something, anything, to do. Some favorites are fetching, herding and swimming. They are easily trained and eager to please. That is unless you are asking them to be a couch potato.



When they rise in the morning, you rise. They expect you to clean, feed, play with and entertain them whenever their heart desires. If they have a craving for lamb and rice today, they won't settle for anything less. They prefer luxuries such as fine silk collars and porcelain bowls. They want you to prove your loyalty to them before they hand theirs over to you. To get into their inner circle quickly, come bearing gifts. To be a good human to these pets: Spend money on and time with these pets. They may seem to have a need to be on a pedestal, but they still see you as their master. They just want everything to be done exactly the way they want it.

Take the Quiz and see what your pup is really like ...

Dear Diary ...

Dear Diary,
Yesterday was great. The sun came out for enough time that I was able to bask in its warmth and enjoy a nap in the grass. Then, it rained again ... oh well. In the afternoon my mommy worked in our garden; she's put together a fabulous veggie spread that I am anxiously awaiting. Soon I will feast on fresh blueberries, carrots and pumpkin. I do love my veggies. Also, my mommy said that we are going to switch up our food. We've always eaten Evo Red Meat, but I guess they've sold their company so now we'll be enjoying Origin. My mommy says it is 100% fresh from Canada. I don't know what Canada is, but it sounds wonderful. Until next time, XO, XO Mercedes Luv'

Dear Diary ...

Dear Diary,
Yesterday was great. The sun came out for enough time that I was able to bask in its warmth and enjoy a nap in the grass. Then, it rained again ... oh well. In the afternoon my mommy worked in our garden; she's put together a fabulous veggie spread that I am anxiously awaiting. Soon I will feast on fresh blueberries, carrots and pumpkin. I do love my veggies. Also, my mommy said that we are going to switch up our food. We've always eaten Evo Red Meat, but I guess they've sold their company so now we'll be enjoying Origin. My mommy says it is 100% fresh from Canada. I don't know what Canada is, but it sounds wonderful. Until next time, XO, XO Mercedes Luv'

Who Wants A Candy Bar?

Dear Diary!
I am so excited today! My mommy gave me a candy bar!!! Oooo!!! It is an Almond Joy, as I'm told and it is so neat. It is soft and fuzzy and has a squeak inside too! My sister each got one too; although Mercedes wanted the bubble gum and Bridget wanted the Peanut Butter Cups. I thought they were edible until my mommy stopped me from eating a hole in the side of Bridget's Reeses. Oh well. They are still super fun to toss around!
Love, Haley

Yummy Toys!!!

Hello Journal,
Today my mommy came home with not one, but 5 new toys! She found them at BigLotts for $2 each. I was so overjoyed I didn't know which one to squeak first. Mercedes immediately went to the Bubble Yum and Haley grabbed the Almond Joy, which left me to choose between the Reeses, Twizzlers and Mr. Goodbar. Well, being a P&B fan like my daddy I ultimately decided upon the Reeses. Afer all isn't peanut butter the best; even if it is just a squeak alternative.
Till next time. -Bridget

Fiesta Fur-day!

Dear Journal,
I recently had my fur-day and it was amazing!!! I was adopted 378 days ago and was still reeling from the transition when my new mommy started to tell me all about the plans for our upcoming celebration. She had researched what would make the perfect fur-day paw-ty for me and when she told me about the traditional Mexican Fiesta I was overwhelmed with glee! As I am a proud Chihuahua, we had festive fajitas for all, mutt-garitas and little pup-cakes. I had both family and furry friends attending and they brought me the most wonderful things. I got a new toy that makes a grizzling sound (it is a hedgehog), I also got a squeak animal balloon plus a lot of treats. I do enjoy a good treat now and again and my cousins made their special B&P cookies for me and my daddy gave me meaty sticks.

I am sooo happy journal. ... I may even stop growing all together, as I am clearly loved by my permanent family.
Till next time,

Our Story ...

Once upon a time, there lived a girl from a patch of grass and a well constructed creek in a land called Ahndellasia ... The girl, Queen of this land, loved to watch runway shows and shop the beautiful, elegant and fashionable streets of Paris. “If only I had someone to share my passion for exotic, luxurious designers, one of a kind accessories and beautiful French antiques.” she thought to herself often.

One day while the girl was shopping she came across a very small and enchanting creature. “What is this magnificent little being?” she asked herself scooping it up and holding it close to her face. Giving it the softest of hugs the little fur-baby spoke, “I am an Italian Greyhound” the little one cooed, “and I am searching for a good home. You see I am always cold and I need a warm and loving family who will dress me in soft and fabulous fabrics that will not harm my delicate skin.” The girl, realizing that this truly was an enchanted pup; for not only was this little wonder able to speak, but she was a perfect match for the girls own search for the highest quality of living. “Indeed, my little wonder, I am the one you have been searching for! I shall bring you home with me and create a world in which you will have the finest, softest and cutest things.” the girl exclaimed overjoyed with emotion.

So the girl, pronounced Mercedes as the First Fur-baby, Pup Princess of all Ahndellasia. They lived happily in their magical, far away land made of miniature Parisian buildings, gourmet treats and private label designer fashion!

The girl and the pup enjoyed a life of inseparable bliss until one day they came across a tiny, furry creature bursting in motherhood and was clearly about to deliver at any moment. Shaken by her condition they vowed to assist her and stayed by her side until the wee hours of the morning where she delivered a beautiful little fur-baby. The girl carefully assisted in the best way she knew how and when the last one had been delivered the girl asked’ “what should we call you?” The fuzziness responded with a remarkable confidence, “I am a princess-pom and you can call me Haley” they all listened intently as she continued; “as you can see I am very small and my fur will soon defy my size, but I have a regal stance and a sharp wit that will allow me to win over friend or foe. The girl and the pup took a moment to consult and in an instant they invited the fuzzy creature to join them in their magical Parisian kingdom.

The teeny pom-pup welcomed their offer with an appetite for all of life’s delight and enjoyment. Mercedes and the girl immediately recognized the kindred spirit of the fuzzy creature and overjoyed by her enthusiasm, they all embarked on their new life together.

One sunny day the mighty King of this land arrived home with news of a fellow fur-baby in dire conditions. Princess Mercedes Luv and Princess Haley Bean rushed to aid their struggling kin. When the girls arrived they embraced the wee pup who had been curled up to shield herself off from the world. Mercedes knelt and said, “you are tiny, but brave. I can see your inner strength and I truly believe you will find harmony in our enchanted kingdom. Come with us and become our sister.” The wee creature lifted her head to reveal her strong stature and huge ears; “your world sounds truly amazing, I will see if it is true,” and with those words the three set off for Ahndellasia.

Back at the kingdom, the girls became fast, furry friends. The King and Queen called for a celebration; where the girls anxiously awaited the naming of their new sister. The mighty King embraced the wee creature and wisely selected a name, “you will be known as Bridget in all the lands.” The Queen, carefully carried Bridget to the balcony, gently lifting her for her kingdom to see, “may I introduce, your newest Princess Pup, Princess Bridget!” The kingdom cheered as the celebration began.

Along with her sisters, Bridget took her seat next to the King and Queen of Ahndellasia, and smiled, “now I am home.” ... And they lived happily, ever after ...

Story written & (C) by S. Reinke/S.I. Inc.

Valenpaw Day

Dear Diary,
Yesterday was Valenpaw's Day. My mommy woke me up for playtime early, but I decided to sleep in and make the most of yet another rainy day by taking her warm spot in our bed. After a sympathetic smile, she decided to let me sleep; after all it is a holiday. The rest of my day was filled with various pups who had come due to the festivities of the day and I mostly rested in the living room listening to my favorite relaxing music: a kitten chow c.d. that was given to us by a friend. The highlight of the day was a nice long walk around our neighborhood when it had stopped raining with our mommy and daddy. It was so refreshing! The rain made all of the wonderful scents stronger and more vivid. It was truly a relaxing day.
Till next time, Mercedes Luv'

Hello Again Diary!
So we just celebrated Valenpaw's Day and it was soooo awesome! First, my mommy got me up early and I got to play all day with daycare pups!!! I got to go on a long walk! I peed 7 times on my walk! My mommy gave me some new cookies! Then I got a silky smooth bath! I read something really neat today diary, it said: "keep looking forward- new adventures lie ahead." from a Dove Chocolate wrapper I found before my mommy took it away. I will do exactly as it says, what will tomorrow bring? Maybe another Zukes bone ... ... ... -Haley

Journal Entry 2,
Today was a unique day as it was just like any other day, except that everyone kept talking about this Valentine person. ??? I have yet to actually see this alleged 'Valentine' but I hear that he is special. The anticipation was difficult to contain. I had spent the morning barking at the door when the one I call mommy said we were to go out for a walk. The walk was very enjoyable and I actually tried a little pee-pee outside this time. Much to my surprise and alarm, it seemed to make both of my parents so happy my butt was scratched for a good minute. I must remember to test this out again on our next walk. By the end of the day, the 'Valentine' character had still not made his presence known. My mommy gave us all baths, which was refreshing as I do love the coconut bath wash and we were all presented with oddly shaped cookies. I was sadly disappointed that I never met Mr. Valentine, so much so that my day-long wait was taking its tole on my energy levels. I decided curl up on the sofa during a movie and 'hand' was there to pet me (as usual). Until our next dialog, Bridget-


This blog was intentionally created by us, officially known to our household as The Girls.

It is from 'our' perspective. Who are we? I am Mercedes, an Italian Greyhound. I am 4 years old and I live in Washington State, which as you can image is very difficult for a nearly naked canine. However, with a vast wardrobe and a very warm home (a consistent 70 degrees) I stay perfectly happy.

My sister, Haley is a very fluffy Pomeranian who is outside a much as possible due to her immense fur and seldom complains about the rain here.

My other sister, Bridget, the littlest of us is a Chihuahua. She too is a little water phobic and is typically found inside under the blankets or by the heater.

Together, we own and operate a little doggie daycare retreat. Our humans, Sasha and Jonathan travel around town fetching our food and conducting our errands.

We hope you enjoy our observations, creative thoughts and paw full of comments! Have fun, read along and share with your friends.