Friday, July 8, 2011

Dogbook App

Hey fellow fur-babies,

If you haven't already seen this neat app for us pups take a moment to check it out. With 108,945 active users and climbing it's a ton of paw fun!

About App
"We love feedback. Both good and bad. We love what we do and care immensely about our family of dogs and dog lovers. So please help us get better. We want to be as good as we can be and make your experience with Dogbook as good as your experience with your dog."

Geoffrey Roche 
Alexandre Roche 
Co-Founders Dogbook

NEW Summer TOYS!

The latest and greatest summer toys are here and just in time for the sunshine!
Whether you are a bad to the bone biker pup or a laid back sand lover you're sure to enjoy something from the newest line of toys from  Doggie Diggin Designs: Prices vary per retailer.

Various Items Available At:
Funny Fur
G.W. Little
Pup Ware
Rock Star Puppy

Happy Summer!
Woof, Woof,
Mercedes, Haley & Bridget

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Biodegradable Scented Poop Bags

Let's face it, no matter what picking up poop is never going to be fun, but helping out our planet makes it worth it. Choosing to use a biodegradable poop bag is a smart and environmentally friendly solution. So, what's better then biodegradable poop bags? Scented biodegradable poop bags! 

Available at PetEdge

These Clean Go Pet Fresh Floral Scented Waste Bags come in 100 count at $3.99 or 250 count at 7.99. 

Happy walking!
Woof, Woof,
The Girls