Monday, April 18, 2011

Celebrate Earth Day With Our Paw-Approved Products!

Earth Day April 22, 2011! 

This year celebrate earth day in style with these paw-approved, environmentally friendly products. 
Here are our TOP 5 

Since you have to pick-up your pups poop anyway ... 
These green biodegradable bags
Priced from: $19.99-$149.99
After product testing several brands, envisioned the perfect poop bag and made it into reality.
- Made in the USA.
- Thicker.
- Silky Smooth.
- Made with renewable resources such as corn.
- Meet ASTM D6400 specification and California biodegradability product claims.
PoopBags is committed to supporting the US economy and reducing our carbon pawprints through shorter transportation time and renewable resources.
1 Month Supply (100 Bags) = $19.99
3 Month Supply (200 Bags) = $29.99
6 Month Supply (400 Bags) = $54.99
Annual Supply (800 Bags) = $87.99
2 Dog Special (1,500 Bags) = $149.99
New quantities! See below for details! “ 

This is a paw and planet friendly company makes toys, treats, accessories and more!  

"Over the past 30 years, we’ve held hands and joined hearts with thousands of concerned animal guardians who seek a more holistic and enlightened approach to the care and feeding of their loved ones.
Our products and nutritional services are formulated and dedicated with your health objectives for your best friend in mind. It is this connection that fills the two of us with a great sense of purpose and commitment.
May you and your animal be blessed with vibrant health and the comfort of knowing that we are only a phone call away!"
Dr. Bob & Susan Goldstein Signature

This fun company boats 100% Recycled Material Dog T's! They promote green pups and green living. 


A better way to shop for your pup; check out this shop offering a variety of biodegradable, bamboo and eco-friendly pup-products. 

This cute and cuddly company offers original, organic toys made of 100% cotton and soybean fabric. 

Have a wonderful walk on Earth Day!
Woof, Woof
The Girls

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Vet Visits

Everyone knows how much fun the vet can be for their little fur-bay; it is sort of like a trip to the dentist for us humans or perhaps an unpleased yearly exam. No matter how much you would like to avoid it, sometimes we and our pets need a little clinic time. Recently, I have had to frequent the vet for two of my girls; Bridget my Chihuahua has had a chronic ear infection and has finally found some relief after switching to a new vet (she had been mis-diagnosed by two other vests). In addition, my Italian Greyhound, Mercedes had to go in for a teeth cleaning. So when you find a veterinarian one you love you want to tell EVERYONE; right!

Our Top 3 Vet Visit Prep Recommendations:

From what I've learned, research is the best medicine. Here are a few tips to keep your fur-baby happy on their next visit.

1) Research Your Vet:
If possible ask your friends with pets for a referral, go onto Yelp or Google and read reviews or just call them up and ask questions. You can get a good feel for the type of environment by who they have answering the phone and how they treat you when you ask questions.

2) Figure Out What You Are There For:
No one likes to waste time, but if you go in and have no idea what to say to your vet you may be wasting your time and theirs. Take some notes with you about your pets symptoms. Let them know what was happening before the ailment occurred and what you have already tried as a remedy (if any).

3) Bring ALL Your Prior Vet Paperwork With You:
Coming into a new clinic with all of your paperwork helps them understand your pet. Vet's can get all sorts of useful information off of those sheets. For example, they can see if your beloved fur-baby is allergic to anything or has had a poor reaction to any kind of medication or vaccination. You can always tell your vet the same data, but often times they are seeing you in a short time frame and having something in writing helps narrow down the possibilities.

Additional Information:
Dr. Susan Wright's Tips

In addition, here is a link to our Favorite Vet!!! Just in case you live in Washington State. :)

If you have a great vet story or clinic you want to promote; put a comment in the available box below.
Woof, Woof,
Sasha & The Girls

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updating the office ...

Running an in-home business can be tricky. There are the general ergonomics of paperwork, tools and misc. office supplies that have to mesh with what we like to call puppy-posh; translation means = safe for pup to pee on, safe for puppy to jump on, safe for puppy to be near, nothing puppy can rip off or rip apart. So, being here at the LITTLE DOG RETREAT makes interior design a little more tricky than your average office overhaul. 

Our favorite color palette includes anything in the black, white, Tiffany blue or cotton candy pink realm.

We are looking for new ideas on how to make our tiny office space more useable all the while keeping it magnificently beautiful. We've recently moved around our daycare to accommodate more open space and as such our office desk now looks a little drab. Here are some neat small space offices we love. 

Send us links to your ideas! 

What we LOVE right now!

Does anyone remember the Caboodles makeup cases of the 80's? I had a really fun black and white one that held all of my most prized girly possessions. Somewhere down the road it disappeared and I entered the world of the daily makeup bag. Today my makeup bag lives in my medicine cabinet were it holds the main things that I well, put on each day. Unfortunately, it happens to fall into the sink and on extra irritating days something wonderful falls out and breaks. This happened for the umpteenth time last week and and my Lancome eye shadow broke; (pause for a moment of sadness). ... ... ... Since then, I've been on a makeup mission scouring stores and the internet for a solution for my makeup dilemma. I have several small makeup bags that have their specific purpose (lips, eyes, daily-ware and fun stuff). As a result of having separate bags I often forget what is in them. 

After a lot of looking and playing I decided that one large makeup case would be perfect. It can live under my sink instead of over it and it can house everything. Each morning can be like play-time as I get ready as I can see and use all of my lovely makeup. 

I found a ton of websites that carry train cases. Here are some links to enjoy. 
So, I've finally decided on Sephora's Pro-mini Makeup Train Case in Midnight black. It's 13.75 x 8.5 x 9.25 and opens to two tiered patricians with adjustable spaces. It has a washable foam interior, which is perfect for wiping off glitter or powder and it has a large base that can hold polish, bottles or palettes. It's a whopping $92, which is a steal when you compare it to it's comparable pro-cases that can run you around $110-$350. Sephora has others, pink, black or silver and they vary between $92-$110 for the mini-pro's and $225 for the suitcase style with wheels. Check it out! 

I'll post pic's when I get it! Have fun and enjoy. 
Sasha & The Girls