Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dear Diary ...

Dear Diary, 

It's been a while diary and I have so much to tell you. First, our yappy pawliday was amazing. I got so many treats I literally couldn't eat them all in the same night and my sisters got some neat toys that they shared with me. We had a lot of people over, I sat with each one to tell them about my presents that I found under the tree while they rubbed my tummy and listened attentively.  

I miss summer though. The sunshine and warm spots in the yard. The days have been so long. If only the sun would come back out and I could sit and relax in the grass after playing with my frisbee all day (long sigh). Oh well, the best part of this year is my fur-day, which is coming up. I am excited for my fur-day, which my mommy says is coming up in a week. My sisters and I usually have separate fur-days, but since our pawty is so close to the Chinese New Year, we are going to have a wonderful festival with our furry friends and family this year so we are all sharing the pawty. I am very excited because my mommy says she going to make us sweet-n-sour chicken and dumplings! I don't know what that means, but is sounds delicious. 

Also, we've started up our cousin walks again! Oh, diary ... they are so much fun. I mean it's great to walk around my neighborhood too, but I've already peed on everything at least like, 1000 times before so it gets a little stale if you know what I mean. But, my cousins have a while new path to walk and I get to pee on a ton more things when I walk around their neighborhood. I mean, with the 4 of them and my 2 sisters and I, our parents take a lot more time leisurely walking plus it gives them time to share my stores about how cute I am while I get more time to really SNIFF the grass and find spots that need my pee. 

Well, that's all for now diary. I'll let you know how my fur-day goes. It will be soooo much fun! 
Until next time, 
Love Haley

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