Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Fav Free Photo Apps

Hey fur-babies!

We LOVE to take pic's of our furry friends and us playing, lounging and having a good time and we tend to embellish those pic's when we send them to friends so we thought we would share our absolutely favorite photo apps!

Old Photo Pro
Let's you take a full color picture and turn it into an antiqued photo with tattered edges.

Color Effects
You can turn your normal photo into a black and white photo with highlighted elements in color!

Photo Captions
You can turn you cute pic into a postcard and send it to friends and family.

Fun Camera 
Allows you to add glitter, hearts, stars or fireworks to your pic!

Picture Magic
Add a creative wrap around your photo.

If you have an awesome app that you would like to share, put the details in the comments below!

Have fun fur-babies!
Woof, Woof,
The Girls

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