Sunday, June 5, 2011

Spring Fad for our Furry Friends!

The latest fashion trend is going to the dogs ...

The hot new hair extension for women are literally bait and tackle fishing lines made from rooster saddle feathers and women have started flocking to salons for these pretty attachments.

Now, not only can you adorn these pretty little things, but some are bringing their fur-baby into the salon for some special feahters too with Puppy Locks a hair - feather extension made just for you little prince or princess!

PuppyLocks, a high-fashion label featuring canine hair extensions in the form of feathers. They come in an endless variety of colors and patterns with names like Macaw, Watermelon, Rodeo, Fiji, Phoenix and more. 

They’ll cost you $20 plus shipping and tax and are available in both long and short. 
Be aware, if you don’t have loop tools and microbeads for attaching these fun frills, then your local groomer may be able to help. It seems that this trend is settling in as a fashion must! 

Check out the full article about this new trend from Yahoo's Shine.
High fashion or bait? Fly ties now hair extensions

Visit The Columbian for furry pic's of the fashion craze!
Feathery Phenomenon Hair Extensions

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