Friday, December 3, 2010

Brain Building Toys For The Pawlidays!

The pawlidays are just a woof around the corner and with the weather slowly turning from moderately rainy to downright freezing we’ve collected a few indoor activities that will keep you and your fur-baby warm and amused for hours. 
This pawliday season, splurge for more than just a bigger bone, check out the links to see what type of play thing your pup or pups may enjoy. These toys all have a little something special in common; they are interactive brain-builders for your precious pup. They are skill building, confidence boosters that allow your pup to engage their surrounds while enjoying play time. 
For physical indoor activities, there is the indoor Pull 'n Play Gym features a variety of neat sounds imbedded into the soft mat, while giving your pup the ability to pull and remove toys from the overhead plush arcs. Plus, when your fur-baby gets sleepy, she can curl up and snooze right under the dangling toys. For price and shipping visit:  Happy Little Boutique

For pups that require crate time for days you go to work, try giving them something to stimulate their active brain while you are away. This crate attachment comes with a variety of detachable toys and the cute face may make your furry friend less lonely. For price and shipping visit:  Happy Little Boutique

You can also look into the Indoor Agility Toy Set, complete with running mat, barbells, zig-zag poles and tube all made from soft plush fabric that can teach your pup brain enhancing motor-skills while staying active. 
For price and shipping visit: FIve Star Fido

By now, mostly everyone has at least heard of the Hide-a-toy interactive toys that look like bees in a hive or birds in a house. However, albeit cute, these neat little wonders actively stimulate the ‘search and discover’ mode in your pups natural instincts proving to be both challenging and rewarding. Plus, the powers that be, have created new designs that now include snakes, turtles, rabbits in a hat and penguins or an eagle with eggs. For additional options and price details visit: All Pets Considered

The most interesting, interactive toy I’ve discovered this year has been a variety of puzzles coming from Sweden and designed by Nina Ottoson. These toys boast that not only are they designed to both stimulate your fur-babies brain they also help reaffirm their relationship with you, the owner. Which is refreshing to see since most toys are made for dogs to engage with alone. These puzzles are literally a game for you and your fuzzy buddy. To me this brings a whole new meaning to the concept of play time. Each one is unique and offers a different way to stimulate and engage your dog. Made from a variety of materials, they all have moving parts and many offer spaces to hide treats. Not to be mistaken with toys you can fill with treats and leave, these are meant for people and pet to interact. The Nina Ottoson toys actually help reaffirm commands, define pack hierarchy as well as teach simple discipline and reward strategies that help your pups learn and play at the same time. To view additional designs visit: Fun Interactive Games

Whatever you do this winter, give a few interactive toys a try. No matter what you choose, your fur-baby will greatly appreciate the attention and play time. 
Have a safe and happy pawliday season! 
Woof, Woof! As a friendly reminder Ivy, Mistletoe and Poinsettias are all popular indoor plants from November through February and they are very harmful and potentially lethal to a fur-baby. If your pup ingests anything dangerous contact your personal vet or call poison control. 
Animal Poison Control Center 1.888.426.4435
VCA Vet Specialty Center  425.697.6106
Yappy Pawlidays!
Woof, Woof, 
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