Sunday, December 5, 2010

Unique Pawliday Toys

Every pup deserves a toy under the tree. The Girls and I have put together our favorites for you to check out! 

Set of 3 Plush Light Bulbs $19.95 set Available At: In The Company of Dogs
If your pup likes your tree lights why not give them some of their own. 

Peppermint Patty Candy Toy $8 Available At: USA DOg Shop 
This fun latex toy gives your pup something safe to chew on during the day instead of your decorations. 

Squeaker Mat $9.99 Available At: Pet Care Base 
It's both a toy and a mat. You pup can drag it around all day playing and when they get tired sleep on it too. 

Plush Gingerbread House $16.99 Available At:  Hands N Paws 
Weather you celebrate the holidays or not, a ginger bread house is a fun way to play. The removable pieces have internal squeakers and your pup will be entertained while they try to get the toys out of the house. 

The Snowball $13.95 Available At: CNS Stores 
Does you pup love playing fetch, well this year do it will a little festive spirit. 

If you've found a unique, silly or super fun dog toy share it with the group and put a link in the comments below. 
Yappy Pawlidays! 

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