Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What we LOVE right now!

Does anyone remember the Caboodles makeup cases of the 80's? I had a really fun black and white one that held all of my most prized girly possessions. Somewhere down the road it disappeared and I entered the world of the daily makeup bag. Today my makeup bag lives in my medicine cabinet were it holds the main things that I well, put on each day. Unfortunately, it happens to fall into the sink and on extra irritating days something wonderful falls out and breaks. This happened for the umpteenth time last week and and my Lancome eye shadow broke; (pause for a moment of sadness). ... ... ... Since then, I've been on a makeup mission scouring stores and the internet for a solution for my makeup dilemma. I have several small makeup bags that have their specific purpose (lips, eyes, daily-ware and fun stuff). As a result of having separate bags I often forget what is in them. 

After a lot of looking and playing I decided that one large makeup case would be perfect. It can live under my sink instead of over it and it can house everything. Each morning can be like play-time as I get ready as I can see and use all of my lovely makeup. 

I found a ton of websites that carry train cases. Here are some links to enjoy. 
So, I've finally decided on Sephora's Pro-mini Makeup Train Case in Midnight black. It's 13.75 x 8.5 x 9.25 and opens to two tiered patricians with adjustable spaces. It has a washable foam interior, which is perfect for wiping off glitter or powder and it has a large base that can hold polish, bottles or palettes. It's a whopping $92, which is a steal when you compare it to it's comparable pro-cases that can run you around $110-$350. Sephora has others, pink, black or silver and they vary between $92-$110 for the mini-pro's and $225 for the suitcase style with wheels. Check it out! 

I'll post pic's when I get it! Have fun and enjoy. 
Sasha & The Girls

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