Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updating the office ...

Running an in-home business can be tricky. There are the general ergonomics of paperwork, tools and misc. office supplies that have to mesh with what we like to call puppy-posh; translation means = safe for pup to pee on, safe for puppy to jump on, safe for puppy to be near, nothing puppy can rip off or rip apart. So, being here at the LITTLE DOG RETREAT makes interior design a little more tricky than your average office overhaul. 

Our favorite color palette includes anything in the black, white, Tiffany blue or cotton candy pink realm.

We are looking for new ideas on how to make our tiny office space more useable all the while keeping it magnificently beautiful. We've recently moved around our daycare to accommodate more open space and as such our office desk now looks a little drab. Here are some neat small space offices we love. 

Send us links to your ideas! 

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