Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Story ...

Once upon a time, there lived a girl from a patch of grass and a well constructed creek in a land called Ahndellasia ... The girl, Queen of this land, loved to watch runway shows and shop the beautiful, elegant and fashionable streets of Paris. “If only I had someone to share my passion for exotic, luxurious designers, one of a kind accessories and beautiful French antiques.” she thought to herself often.

One day while the girl was shopping she came across a very small and enchanting creature. “What is this magnificent little being?” she asked herself scooping it up and holding it close to her face. Giving it the softest of hugs the little fur-baby spoke, “I am an Italian Greyhound” the little one cooed, “and I am searching for a good home. You see I am always cold and I need a warm and loving family who will dress me in soft and fabulous fabrics that will not harm my delicate skin.” The girl, realizing that this truly was an enchanted pup; for not only was this little wonder able to speak, but she was a perfect match for the girls own search for the highest quality of living. “Indeed, my little wonder, I am the one you have been searching for! I shall bring you home with me and create a world in which you will have the finest, softest and cutest things.” the girl exclaimed overjoyed with emotion.

So the girl, pronounced Mercedes as the First Fur-baby, Pup Princess of all Ahndellasia. They lived happily in their magical, far away land made of miniature Parisian buildings, gourmet treats and private label designer fashion!

The girl and the pup enjoyed a life of inseparable bliss until one day they came across a tiny, furry creature bursting in motherhood and was clearly about to deliver at any moment. Shaken by her condition they vowed to assist her and stayed by her side until the wee hours of the morning where she delivered a beautiful little fur-baby. The girl carefully assisted in the best way she knew how and when the last one had been delivered the girl asked’ “what should we call you?” The fuzziness responded with a remarkable confidence, “I am a princess-pom and you can call me Haley” they all listened intently as she continued; “as you can see I am very small and my fur will soon defy my size, but I have a regal stance and a sharp wit that will allow me to win over friend or foe. The girl and the pup took a moment to consult and in an instant they invited the fuzzy creature to join them in their magical Parisian kingdom.

The teeny pom-pup welcomed their offer with an appetite for all of life’s delight and enjoyment. Mercedes and the girl immediately recognized the kindred spirit of the fuzzy creature and overjoyed by her enthusiasm, they all embarked on their new life together.

One sunny day the mighty King of this land arrived home with news of a fellow fur-baby in dire conditions. Princess Mercedes Luv and Princess Haley Bean rushed to aid their struggling kin. When the girls arrived they embraced the wee pup who had been curled up to shield herself off from the world. Mercedes knelt and said, “you are tiny, but brave. I can see your inner strength and I truly believe you will find harmony in our enchanted kingdom. Come with us and become our sister.” The wee creature lifted her head to reveal her strong stature and huge ears; “your world sounds truly amazing, I will see if it is true,” and with those words the three set off for Ahndellasia.

Back at the kingdom, the girls became fast, furry friends. The King and Queen called for a celebration; where the girls anxiously awaited the naming of their new sister. The mighty King embraced the wee creature and wisely selected a name, “you will be known as Bridget in all the lands.” The Queen, carefully carried Bridget to the balcony, gently lifting her for her kingdom to see, “may I introduce, your newest Princess Pup, Princess Bridget!” The kingdom cheered as the celebration began.

Along with her sisters, Bridget took her seat next to the King and Queen of Ahndellasia, and smiled, “now I am home.” ... And they lived happily, ever after ...

Story written & (C) by S. Reinke/S.I. Inc.

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