Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Valenpaw Day

Dear Diary,
Yesterday was Valenpaw's Day. My mommy woke me up for playtime early, but I decided to sleep in and make the most of yet another rainy day by taking her warm spot in our bed. After a sympathetic smile, she decided to let me sleep; after all it is a holiday. The rest of my day was filled with various pups who had come due to the festivities of the day and I mostly rested in the living room listening to my favorite relaxing music: a kitten chow c.d. that was given to us by a friend. The highlight of the day was a nice long walk around our neighborhood when it had stopped raining with our mommy and daddy. It was so refreshing! The rain made all of the wonderful scents stronger and more vivid. It was truly a relaxing day.
Till next time, Mercedes Luv'

Hello Again Diary!
So we just celebrated Valenpaw's Day and it was soooo awesome! First, my mommy got me up early and I got to play all day with daycare pups!!! I got to go on a long walk! I peed 7 times on my walk! My mommy gave me some new cookies! Then I got a silky smooth bath! I read something really neat today diary, it said: "keep looking forward- new adventures lie ahead." from a Dove Chocolate wrapper I found before my mommy took it away. I will do exactly as it says, what will tomorrow bring? Maybe another Zukes bone ... ... ... -Haley

Journal Entry 2,
Today was a unique day as it was just like any other day, except that everyone kept talking about this Valentine person. ??? I have yet to actually see this alleged 'Valentine' but I hear that he is special. The anticipation was difficult to contain. I had spent the morning barking at the door when the one I call mommy said we were to go out for a walk. The walk was very enjoyable and I actually tried a little pee-pee outside this time. Much to my surprise and alarm, it seemed to make both of my parents so happy my butt was scratched for a good minute. I must remember to test this out again on our next walk. By the end of the day, the 'Valentine' character had still not made his presence known. My mommy gave us all baths, which was refreshing as I do love the coconut bath wash and we were all presented with oddly shaped cookies. I was sadly disappointed that I never met Mr. Valentine, so much so that my day-long wait was taking its tole on my energy levels. I decided curl up on the sofa during a movie and 'hand' was there to pet me (as usual). Until our next dialog, Bridget-

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