Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Paw Socks for the Winter

Furry Foot Care ...
Invest in 2 pairs of doggy socks!
Cain & Able Paw Balm - Helps heal chapped & raw paws.
Keep nails groomed and short. Pups have a higher chance of catching them in the fall and winter due to rain, snow and ice.

As the season transitions, so do the concerns for those of us with little fur-babies. Just about every pup-arent has experienced the heartache of cold, icy paws that our pups endure after a walk or a jaunt in the back yard. For those who will wear them, shoes offer sweet relief, however for those who have wee-one’s that shake off the shoes, socks are a new alternative for chilly paws.

Puppy socks! Yes, they are small enough to stay on and made of warm, soft fabric. The Soxy Paws designs offers little rubber paw prints to provide a better grip on slick floors. Each company has a variety of styles and colors for both boys and girls.

In the past, I used to bring my girls in after being outside and hold their paws, alternating pups and paws until they all felt warm again. Now, all my girls have little socks that go on once we get back inside after a walk. My girls love these soft little socks! Mercedes has the rubber bottomed Soxy Paws for her indoor running around and little Bridget enjoys the super soft Puppy Love socks and neither of them kicks them off!

If your pup is not accustomed to footwear, try putting them on for only a minute with a treat as a reward. Give your pup a lot of praise and then take them off before they fuss. Try the same process several time in one day or each day for three days. After a few attempts, your fur-baby will be excited and happy to wear socks; especially once they realize how warm their toes become. Check out our links to see where you get buy puppy socks. *

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