Wednesday, November 24, 2010

VPI Thats A Good Human - Pet Personality Quiz

We took the VPI Pet Personality Quiz and these were our results ...



These are the alpha dogs. The ones that command attention and that others happily follow. They have a style all their own and are likely popular with canines of the opposite sex. They're great travel companions, even if they trash the place before they check out. Let's face it, it's their world, everyone else is just living in it. To be a good human to these pets: Get them together with other dogs often, they like an entourage. It's true, they may exert their dominance, but every rocker has to keep their bad boy/girl image intact.



These are the envy of the canine world. They are born with the kind of energy and genes that make the rest of the dogs jealous. They can do anything—catch Frisbees, chase down tennis balls, jump fences and run so fast that squirrels no longer dare to leave the trees. They see the entire world as one big game and they don't want to miss one second of it. To be a good human to these pets: Give them something, anything, to do. Some favorites are fetching, herding and swimming. They are easily trained and eager to please. That is unless you are asking them to be a couch potato.



When they rise in the morning, you rise. They expect you to clean, feed, play with and entertain them whenever their heart desires. If they have a craving for lamb and rice today, they won't settle for anything less. They prefer luxuries such as fine silk collars and porcelain bowls. They want you to prove your loyalty to them before they hand theirs over to you. To get into their inner circle quickly, come bearing gifts. To be a good human to these pets: Spend money on and time with these pets. They may seem to have a need to be on a pedestal, but they still see you as their master. They just want everything to be done exactly the way they want it.

Take the Quiz and see what your pup is really like ...

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