Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fiesta Fur-day!

Dear Journal,
I recently had my fur-day and it was amazing!!! I was adopted 378 days ago and was still reeling from the transition when my new mommy started to tell me all about the plans for our upcoming celebration. She had researched what would make the perfect fur-day paw-ty for me and when she told me about the traditional Mexican Fiesta I was overwhelmed with glee! As I am a proud Chihuahua, we had festive fajitas for all, mutt-garitas and little pup-cakes. I had both family and furry friends attending and they brought me the most wonderful things. I got a new toy that makes a grizzling sound (it is a hedgehog), I also got a squeak animal balloon plus a lot of treats. I do enjoy a good treat now and again and my cousins made their special B&P cookies for me and my daddy gave me meaty sticks.

I am sooo happy journal. ... I may even stop growing all together, as I am clearly loved by my permanent family.
Till next time,

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