Wednesday, November 24, 2010


This blog was intentionally created by us, officially known to our household as The Girls.

It is from 'our' perspective. Who are we? I am Mercedes, an Italian Greyhound. I am 4 years old and I live in Washington State, which as you can image is very difficult for a nearly naked canine. However, with a vast wardrobe and a very warm home (a consistent 70 degrees) I stay perfectly happy.

My sister, Haley is a very fluffy Pomeranian who is outside a much as possible due to her immense fur and seldom complains about the rain here.

My other sister, Bridget, the littlest of us is a Chihuahua. She too is a little water phobic and is typically found inside under the blankets or by the heater.

Together, we own and operate a little doggie daycare retreat. Our humans, Sasha and Jonathan travel around town fetching our food and conducting our errands.

We hope you enjoy our observations, creative thoughts and paw full of comments! Have fun, read along and share with your friends.

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